Calsoft Partners with Octopai to Accelerate Digital Transformation for Customers Using Data Lineage

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The partnership aims at revolutionizing Data Flow Analysis and Metadata Management for enhanced collaboration and efficiency!

July 2023 – San Jose, California: Calsoft, a leading provider of digital innovation and transformation services with a technology-first approach, is proud to announce its partnership with Octopai, the only platform that can instantly navigate through the most complex data landscapes.

Today’s data-driven era demands understanding the intricate data flow within organizations. With Octopai’s best-in-class metadata management platform, data teams can now effortlessly trace, catalog, and govern assets from source to target, comprehending every transformation along the way. Calsoft can help in implementing this intuitive platform that empowers businesses. The Octopai platform can be implemented within a single hour, harnessing automation to revolutionize data management efficiently.

According to Calsoft’s Somenath Nag, VP of Marketing & Sales, “Our partnership with Octopai revolutionizes data management for businesses. Combining Calsoft’s expertise in software product engineering solutions with Octopai’s cutting-edge data intelligence platform, we empower organizations to realize the true potential of their data. The seamless integration of Octopai enhances collaboration, improves efficiency, helps catalog and govern data, and provides valuable insights for better decisions.”

“Octopai is committed to helping data teams gain insight and get more out of their data, and with this new partnership with Calsoft the experts in Data Analytics, organizations can now add an unprecedented layer of understanding into their entire data landscape,” says Nissim Ohayon, Director of Global Partnerships at Octopai. “It is only natural that Octopai and Calsoft should collaborate, as Octopai’s platform accelerates the metadata harvesting from virtually any metadata source to be able to use this metadata in various ways so that Calsoft and its global customers can achieve greater data maturity, quicker and under budget when compared to trying to achieve these goals manually.”

Octopai’s automation capabilities enable organizations to break down silos, foster collaboration among data teams, and accelerate time-to-value. The combined expertise of Calsoft and Octopai will enable businesses to automate data intelligence, transforming the way they understand, manage, and leverage their data assets.

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About Octopai

Octopai is an Automated Data Intelligence platform that empowers data teams with multilayered data lineage, data discovery, and data catalog, enabling them to trace their assets, understand the data flow in the organization, and trust their resources. By extracting metadata from the entire data landscape of an organization, Octopai provides a centralized, collaborative platform for data and intelligence teams to analyze insights instantly. Octopai provides a comprehensive understanding of data flow across systems and applications, enabling better decision-making and improving organizational operational efficiency.

About Calsoft

Calsoft is a leading technology-first partner, providing digital and product engineering services. For over 25 years, Calsoft has been helping its customers solve their business challenges using technologies in Storage, virtualization, networking, security, cloud, AI/ML, IoT, and telecommunications domains.