Calsoft Closes CY2018 at a Splendid 55% Growth Rate

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January 2019 – San Jose, California: Calsoft Inc., a global leader in delivering product engineering services across the Datacenter and Cloud Technologies, released its annual revenue growth statement declaring a steady growth rate of 55% in the end quarter of 2018. Calsoft delivers product engineering and professional services in Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud, IoT and Analytics domains. Calsoft also shares a strategic partnership with VMware, ServiceNow, Microsoft and SNIA to enable technology innovation and growth.

“I believe our achievements speak for themselves, and it is particularly gratifying to witness Calsoft’s business progression through a successful 2018. As the demand for services and new-age datacentre products continue to rise, Calsoft is at the forefront of building innovative, cutting-edge technology products and services for leading ISVs and Telecom Service providers across the globe. If we look in the hindsight, we’ve grown on an average of 50% year over year. We have devised some great new IPs and are also spearheading the market in advancing new technologies like edge computing, AI, ML, etc.” stated Parag Kulkarni, COO and Engineering Head, Calsoft Inc.


Calsoft has expanded its customer base colossally with signing long-term contracts in the areas of HCI, SD-WAN, Network and end-point security, All-flash data storage solutions, OpenSDS, Usability engineering, NFV MANO and Containerization technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, MesOS to name a few . The company has also signed new customers as part of offshore/onsite engagements in the areas of Datacenter engineering, Cross-hypervisor replication research, Data protection and much more. The clientele gamut entails well-established companies and start-ups.

Calsoft is associated with businesses rendering – disruptive technologies like – IoT real-time safety applications, AI, advanced analytics management and edge computing, and is doing some exciting work for leading IoT platform companies.

Contributions to the industry:

Calsoft contributed many-folds to the industry via local educational events around Storage and Virtualization, as well as by being the ‘SNIA Premier Partner’ at the SNIA SDC 2018 event.

At the SNIA SDC, Bengaluru, Calsoft’s experts outlined the progressive trends in the areas of new-age datacentres, and won accolades for a well-received keynote by Yogesh Anyapanawar, AVP Calsoft. In an educational event along-with SNIA T/E/N group, the company presented an outlook on how Datacentres will amalgamate with disruptive areas such as AI, ML and Data Analytics. The keynote was presented by Nitin Singhvi, who leads the Datacenter Networking BU at Calsoft.

Calsoft last year definitely rose the bar by having its engineers contribute in the OpenStack Queens, the 17th version of the most widely deployed open source cloud infrastructure software Contribution to upstream OpenStack. In August 2018 at VMworld, Calsoft’s senior Architect Tushar Tarkas reviewed VMware vRealize Operations and gave his insights on how to integrate third-party applications, as well as appliances, with vROps for monitoring and capacity planning purposes.

Leadership hiring:

Calsoft added some of the best minds to its management and engineering teams in 2018. The management leadership changes included addition of BU level VPs and Directors to steer the growth strategy. The engineering organization added senior Directors and architects in areas such as NFVi, Cloud native, Cloud security, Microservices, CloudOps, Chatbots, Analytics, Test engineering and in general across Storage and Virtualization technology stack.

Plans for 2019:

Calsoft has welcomed the New Year with grandeur. The organisation is currently experiencing a splendid growth rate of 55%. While the company has enjoyed unprecedented success, they predict the future numbers to be as outstanding. By the end of this financial year, the management plans to grow its top-line by 50%. Although the figure is challenging, going by the pace the organisation is growing at, the target seems achievable. Calsoft’s aim is to be the leading services vendor in the datacentre domain while it plans to venture into newer areas such as Blockchain, AI, ML, and geographies like EMEA and APAC.

Calsoft’s existing markets provide significant opportunities for future growth and so the company will continue to invest in technology, infrastructure and human resources.

About Calsoft

Calsoft is ISV preferred product engineering services partner in Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud, IoT and analytics domains. Our solution accelerators and frameworks augment go-to-market plans and expedite product launches to meet customer business goals. With the US headquarters in San Jose and India headquarters in Pune, Calsoft also has presence in Bangalore.