Calsoft Closes CY-2019 with Record Customer Acquisitions

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Builds on past year’s phenomenal growth by signing up clients in new business areas and growing existing key accounts in Datacentre technology area

April 2019 – San Jose, California: Calsoft Inc., a global leader in delivering product engineering and digital services, released a statement declaring a record number of new customer acquisitions and momentous growth in the key accounts business in the calendar year 2019.

“This is a great development that has emerged from the strong foundation of annual growth we registered last year. We continued our success in datacentre technology areas like storage, virtualization, cloud, networking and security. Growth in our key accounts and new customer wins in our traditional market, along with our success in new technology areas that we pursued over the year – including IoT, ML, Analytics, and Telecom, gave us the required push for meeting CY 2019 projections. We will strive to keep the momentum going by consolidating our success in core areas as well as investing in new areas,” stated Dr. Anupam Bhide, CEO, Calsoft Inc.

Calsoft’s efforts to explore new areas for business opportunity have paid off. From helping customers develop an AI-powered Supply Chain Risk Management product to assisting a FinTech company in creating solutions using image and video processing, Calsoft is making confident strides in this space.


The SDN market has witnessed substantial growth due to the rising need for enterprise mobility. Calsoft joined hands with a number of companies in this space for developing products in the SD-WAN space and creating solutions for the adoption of a newer generation of VMware’s NSX. The other areas from where our clientele sought us out were network security, Kubernetes and container security, and APM.


Calsoft treasures its partnerships who have been instrumental in the confident strides it has been taking business-wise, some of the prominent ones being VMware, Microsoft, MindSphere, among others. Calsoft is also a proud partner in the development of Airship—a project that will boost open-source automation around bare metal and the provisioning of the telco cloud infrastructure.

In the past year, Calsoft made its presence felt at several professional events to foster collaboration across several disruptive technologies. Prominent among these events were—Mobile World Congress 2019 at Barcelona, Spain; the NASSCOM Partnership Program in Israel; the Big 5G event in Denver, Colorado; Citrix Synergy in Atlanta, Georgia; and the 2019 SNIA Storage Developer Conference in Bengaluru, India.

SNIA and Calsoft share an association of over a decade and it was a fulfilling moment to see Yogesh Anyapanawar, AVP Engineering, Calsoft Inc, join the SNIA India Technical Council as a member. The SNIA Technical Council, reporting to the SNIA India Board of Directors, is the prime authority for laying advancement strategies for storage and virtualization technologies in India.

About Calsoft

Calsoft is ISV preferred product engineering and digital services partner in Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud, Security, IoT and analytics domains. Our solution accelerators and frameworks augment go-to-market plans and expedite product launches to meet customer business goals. With the US headquarters in San Jose and India headquarters in Pune, Calsoft also has presence in Bangalore.