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September 2016 – San Jose, California: Calsoft, a leading IT Services Company; specialized in Storage, Networking, Virtualization and Cloud Domain, is proud to announce its partnership with Docker Partner Program.

Docker is an open-source technology which automates the building & deployment Linux application. It is a revolutionary virtual machine which let applications use the same Linux Kernel on the existing system and only ship away the applications which are not running on the host commuter. Docker provides the full functionality and isolation of virtual machines (VMs) while running into a tiny fraction of the OS. This action provides a major performance boost and significantly cut down the size of the application.

Being in SNV industry, Calsoft has very extensive knowledge about the containerized ecosystem specially Docker and this partnership will open the ways of innovation. “As we moving toward the new era of technologies and digitization, we must figure out the ways of co-innovate and transform the IT sector and we hope the same from this partnership and looking forward to establish new benchmarks and excel in the world of technologies” says Anupam Bhide, CEO of Calsoft Pvt. Ltd.

About Calsoft

Calsoft is a leading software product engineering Services Company specializing in StorageNetworkingVirtualization and Cloud business verticals. Calsoft provides End-to-End Product Development, Quality Assurance Sustenance, Solution Engineering and Professional Services expertise to assist customers in achieving their product development and business goals.