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Every year, IT downtime causes losses to the tune of approximately $26.5 billion. For Fortune 100 companies, critical application failures cost anywhere between $500,000 to $1 million, per hour. Avoiding these losses is difficult, since beyond a point, any investment in resilience offers diminishing returns. But there is a solution.

On this episode of the Calsoft podcast, Mohsin Khazi discusses a new discipline, Chaos Engineering. Designed to identify failures before they become outages, Chaos Engineering is changing the way resiliency is tested. In this episode, Mohsin discusses:

  • Chaos Engineering Concepts
  • Benefits of Chaos Engineering
  • Companies Practicing Chaos Engineering
  • Chaos Engineering Workflows
  • Chaos Engineering Tools
  • And more!

About The Speaker

Mohsin Khazi

Associate Technical Director

Mohsin has over 14 years of experience in building world-class solutions in the datacenter space. He has led multiple engagements in Storage, Networking, Virtualization and Cloud Computing domains. He has extensive experience in designing and developing automation frameworks for QA as well Day#0 & Day#N automations.