MicroStream: Modernizing Data Storage

MicroStream: Modernizing Data Storage

MicroStream is an efficient Java persistence framework meant for continuous object storage and recovery. MicroStream’s lightweight solution and in-memory storage policy enables rapid development and augments application speed, making it an ideal choice for microservices architectures, serverless systems, embedded systems, and real-time applications. Read the blog to explore how MicroStream is reforming the outlook of data persistence.

What if you never invested in STaaS

Over the past few years, cloud storage has gone from a niche technology to one used by billions of people worldwide. But some businesses are still resisting the change. Let us look into some of the issues such a company might face.

STaaS – the Lifeline for Edge

With the proliferation of the smartphone, market trends have greatly changed; applications demand more storage space and computing power. Businesses want to do more with less – lower costs and maximum use of cloud resources. Now, they can, by leveraging STaaS – Storage as a Service. Read on to learn how it is the ideal accelerator for edge computing.

Why Do We Call Ourselves a “Technology First” Company?

Being a ‘technology first’ organization means more than working on the latest technology or simply tying our revenues to technology. Read on why Calsoft calls itself a ‘technology first’ organization.

All About STaaS and How to Make It Work for You

In 2016, Evernote successfully made the shift from bare metal to STaaS and migrated five billion notes and five billion attachments in only 70 days. It benefitted from unfettered storage capabilities which guaranteed high speeds, flexibility, reliability, security, and room for disaster recovery planning, all with minimal service disruption. You can make STaaS work for you too! Here’s more about it – what it is, how it works, and what the future of data storage looks like.

[Infoblog] Storage as a Service & Fog Computing

Increase in connected devices has augmented the need to bring compute, storage, and communication to the edge of the network to gain faster response time. Storage as a Service, as well know cloud storage model along with Edge computing/Fog computing is making this transformation easy. Read this infoblog to gain the latest insights around STaaS & Edge/Fog.

Top Data Governance Challenges for Retail

Today’s digital era is a demanding one for all industries, but more so for Retail companies, who have to constantly provide relevant experiences to their customers. Data governance seems to be the answer to their woes, but is its implementation a smooth-sailing one? Take a look at this infoblog to know more.

Why is it important to have a third-party Backup & Recovery solution for your Microsoft 365 data?

The sheer scale at which Microsoft 365 is used to share data is mind-boggling. At such times, it’s a relief to have a third-party tool to manage backups. Delve deeper into this aspect through this insightful blog.

A Data Governance Primer for Enterprises

A data governance framework is critical to any enterprise seeking intelligent insights. This article covers some prime factors and core services driving data governance strategies, along with best practices in the industry.

Data Governance – the Knight in Shining Armor for Retail?

In the last few years, the retail industry has undergone a massive transformation. As customers become digital natives, their channel preferences and buying habits change. In response, most retailers have either become omnichannel and a few have transformed into fully digital entities. Read about how data governance is a key enabler for this transformation.