How Edge AI Is Driving a Better 5G Shift

Though the edge AI is changing the 5G game, cloud remains in the game. Cloud-based AI is helping with on-device processing. This will further disrupt the digital acceleration and the trend that started amid COVID-19 this year.

O-RAN – How It Would Disrupt the Telecom Space

In a world where telecom operators have been struggling to break free from the legacy architectures they’ve been tied to, O-RAN helps them in easily and confidently circumventing the complexities of traditional networks

Is COVID-19 Choking the 5G Dream?

The 5G technology, which till now had a bright future, seems to be inching towards being one of the liabilities. Or is this far from the ground reality? Let’s take a look.

The Role of Networking in Enabling IoT

It is interesting to see how the world of networking is evolving to support the demands of technologies such as IoT.

[Infoblog] Edge Computing in the IoT

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm which brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed,…

How is Kubernetes Leading the Game in Enabling NFV for Cloud Native?

Read this article to know about how NFV core is driven by cloud-native projects, lead by Kubernetes to the orchestration of most of the projects plus managing containerized network functions.

[Infoblog] The Anatomy of 5G

View our infographic on 5G technology overview and use cases.

Distributed Application Architecture for Edge-Based Service Delivery

Now, as the focus of many enterprises and technology vendors started to shift to edge, a new architecture may evolve as distributed applications have a different environment with a different type of latency requirement.

Analysis: How are Faster Networks Advancing the New-Age Datacenters

Providing lower latency up to 10 microseconds is a new challenge for operators to enable new technologies in the market. For this to happen, data center need to complement the higher broadband network. It forms the base digital innovation to happen in future.

Serverless at the Edge: Resolving Resource Utilization Concerns

Edge computing is the critical architecture for enabling most 5G use cases. However, requirements and expectations from edge node in terms of computing resources is in question, and with the growing number of devices and data it could become cumbersome.