The Problem with Enterprise Data Storage and One Promising Solution

With the new information generated per second for every human being predicted to hit 1.7 megabytes by 2020, the expectations from data are enormous. The ability to analyze critical data and unearth critical insights can take enterprises to an entirely different level.

OpenStack and Ceph for Distributed Hyperconverged Edge Deployments

Red Hat team came with an innovative hyperconvergence of OpenStack projects along with Ceph software-defined storage. A solution shows, it is possible to gain better control all edge nodes by reducing control planes and maintain the continuity and sustainability of 5G network along with the performance required by new age applications.

Serverless at the Edge: Resolving Resource Utilization Concerns

Edge computing is the critical architecture for enabling most 5G use cases. However, requirements and expectations from edge node in terms of computing resources is in question, and with the growing number of devices and data it could become cumbersome.

Evolvement of Kubernetes to Manage Diverse IT Workloads

This article talks about how Kubernetes has emerged from container orchestration platform to manage complex workloads in AI and Machine Learning Stacks, Managing containers in NFV architecture and handling hardware GPU resources.

NVMe over Fabrics: Fibre Channel vs. RDMA

For enterprises deploying NVMe over Fabric, choosing between Fibre Channel and RDMA can be difficult, because both have advantages and disadvantages.

OpenStack and NVMe-over-Fabrics – Getting High Performance for Network Connected SSDs

This article focused light on a demonstration of utilizing SPDK storage framework from Intel for generating high-performance SSD transmission of data with the OpenStack based system and NVMe over fabrics.

Top Three IoT Concerns for IT Infrastructure

This article talks about how a proliferation of data due to growing number of devices imposes a burden on current IT infrastructure and what needs to be done to tackle the challenges. Concerns are: need faster and high volume data storage systems, need scalable and agile network with high bandwidth and low latency

Key Mergers & Acquisitions in the Storage Industry – 2016

The storage industry has been going through a lot of dynamism and churn recently. The dynamism within this domain is further fueled by mergers and acquisitions (M&A). In the past, this industry has witnessed data storage M&A activities at a fierce rate. But things have changed now; both acquirers and targets have thinned out

Hyperconverged Market – Vendors and Evaluation Criteria

Storage industry is going through a major shift. Large to mid-sized companies are adopting Hyperconverged infrastructure to reduce data center costs and improve operational efficiency. According to research, 47% of the enterprises are either using, or evaluating Hyperconverged Solutions.

Nutanix Acquisition of PernixData and – Key Observations

We all heard the news right; Nutanix a leader in enterprise cloud computing has finally announced that it is acquiring PernixData a pioneer in scale-out data acceleration and analytics company and an innovator in DevOps automation. PernixData makes software that aggregates all flash-based