Raw Material for Industry 4.0

Data – The Raw Material for Industry 4.0

Data is crucial for companies to build products & meet customer demands in the age of smart manufacturing. Read this article to learn how companies are utilizing data for better business benefits.

Industry 4.0 – The Path to Full Industrial Automation

The first three industrial revolutions are complete, and the fourth one is just beginning. What will full industrial automation look like? Let’s find out!

Smart Testing in the Age of Machine Learning

While test automation has helped product companies keep up with the required delivery speed, incorporating AI/ML capabilities in test automation will be a futuristic approach to take. Check out this blog to delve into the details.

4 Ways to Transform BizOps with AI-driven Automation

AI in automation has generated exciting opportunities for boosting productivity and efficiency. Here is our take on the transformation of business operations with AI-driven automation.

Why It’s the AI Way or the Highway for Enterprises

AIOps shines like a beacon, dispelling the inefficiencies plaguing IT operations. This blog details how AIOps not only offers excellent ROI and makes your teams more efficient, but it also transforms almost all aspects of your product development lifecycle.

Application Development

Is Serverless Becoming the De-facto Mode for Application Development?

Technology has transitioned from being a back-office enabling function of businesses to a key driver of innovation and revenue for even non-tech enterprises. Today, most businesses use…

Are Legacy Technologies Delaying the Digital Dream for Established Businesses?

Many IT departments of established businesses today face issues when it comes to managing the day-to-day IT operations with dependencies on these legacy technologies. Read about the practices that can be followed to align growth strategies with the existing legacy technologies to achieve Digital Dream.

How Business ISVs Are Creating Differentiators & Disrupting the Market Using AI/ML

Intelligent automation driven by AI and ML can be a boon for business ISVs in their quest for better software development outcomes.

How Edge AI Is Driving a Better 5G Shift

Though the edge AI is changing the 5G game, cloud remains in the game. Cloud-based AI is helping with on-device processing. This will further disrupt the digital acceleration and the trend that started amid COVID-19 this year.

AIOps: Enterprise Network Evolution with ML

In this Article we explore the next decade and the potential technology shift in the Enterprises with Artificial Intelligence.