Importance of High Availability Feature in Storage

HA feature plays an important role in Disaster Recovery System (DRS). We can interconnect more than one cluster which is located at different geographically location. In case of any physical damage, if one site goes down then another can take responsibility to serve the data and handover the remaining task once another site recovers from failure.

A Look at vCenter Integration with Storage Arrays

Typically, in large scale data center deployment and management, different components of a data center are managed by different system administrators. To get the provisioning or updating of instructions processed, certain iterations have to be followed by the admins. As data center surged towards cloud-managed, a need for having a single console emerged …

Storage Certification with VMware

There are multiple steps to be followed in order to meet the VMware compliance for certification of any storage (hardware or software defined). First of all the product vendor needs to be Elite partner with VMware in order to certify their product and features and list them on VMware official portal. With this partnership in place VMware provides TAP