Unlocking Network Agility Open RAN and the Future of Service Management & Orchestration (SMO)

Unlocking Network Agility: Open RAN and the Future of Service Management & Orchestration (SMO)

Recently, Open RAN turned out to be a transformative and innovative solution in the telecom industry. Service Management Orchestration (SMO) serves at the core of this transformative solution, revolutionizing the way mobile networks are deployed and managed. SMO in Open RAN framework foster openness, flexibility, interoperability supporting multi-vendor and cost-effective network deployments. SMO is paving the way for a new era of wireless connectivity, shaping the future of Open RAN deployments. Read the blog to explore the significance of SMO platform in Open RAN framework.

5G Transport Architecture xHaul Transport

5G Transport Architecture: xHaul Transport

The telecom industry is witnessing a rapid network transformation, enabled by a wide range of pioneering technology trends. The network transformation is towards a virtualized, software defined, flexible, and open framework to support next generation 5G use cases. To effectively realize a high quality 5G user experience, future transport networks will play a crucial role to meet service requirements such as peak data rates, maximum coverage, ultra-low latency, synchronization, and security. Read the blog to explore 5G transport technologies and the key advancements in 5G transport architecture.

O-RAN – How It Would Disrupt the Telecom Space

In a world where telecom operators have been struggling to break free from the legacy architectures they’ve been tied to, O-RAN helps them in easily and confidently circumventing the complexities of traditional networks