A Primer on Multus-CNI

This blog is for those who are looking forward to getting started with Multus CNI, the blog covers an overview of CNI in Kubernetes, Multus CNI plugin, basic configuration along with a quick deployment scenario.

Evolvement of Kubernetes to Manage Diverse IT Workloads

This article talks about how Kubernetes has emerged from container orchestration platform to manage complex workloads in AI and Machine Learning Stacks, Managing containers in NFV architecture and handling hardware GPU resources.

Virtual Machines or Containers. Which is Better in NFV Infrastructure?

There are a significant amount of advantages of using container-based VNFs rather than hypervisor driven. But if we look at the current stage of NFV progress in NFV technology innovation was not much faster which were anticipated in 2012 due to lack of common guidelines model. But now, 5G networks are started to deploy and tested in

[Infographic] Docker Security: What You Need To Know?

While Docker is highly instrumental in facilitating developers, operators, enterprises and users to function smoothly, it is vital to ensure that their containers are firmly secured. To understand this notion in a better manner it is important to get acquainted with the overall scenario of Docker Security.

Kubernetes and the Containers – A Look Under the Hood

​Kubernetes is a container orchestration engine that was originally designed by Google. (Google has been using it for 10 years) and is now maintained by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). It has been used to run Google’s massive systems. Kubernetes is also described as a vendor-agnostic cluster and container ..

What is the Status of Containers and Microservices in Enterprises and Telecom

This article covers what are containers and microservices; what are the use cases of containers and microservices in enterprises and telecommunication sectors and evaluation of usability of containers for IT infrastructure. Article also focuses on recent development of containers in network functions ..

File System Testing – A Sneak Peak

File system is one of the most essential components in any storage appliance especially in NAS storage appliances. It plays a significant role in data reduction technologies such as; compression, de-dupe, thin provisioning, data integrity, security, data protection, and many more. Because of this tremendous dependency on….

Why a GUI Framework ?

Why a GUI Framework ? Enables easy-to-use tabular syntax for creating test cases in a uniform way Is platform and application independent Supports creating data-driven test cases. Provides tagging to categorize and select test cases to be executed. Typical steps for automation of a GUI feature To know more email: blog@calsoftinc.com

Hyper-converged Infrastructure Market – An Overview

I will start by giving a short introduction about hyper-converged infrastructure. It is a virtual computing infrastructure solution that integrates discrete data center services in a product’s…

Dreamforce is back! And it’s bigger and better this time!

Dreamforce is just round the corner and is expected to be one of the biggest events of 2015 with more than 50,000 registered attendees and 400 exhibitors…