Managed Services or Staff Augmentation, or Both: What Works Best for You?

The most common dilemma faced by IT leaders is whether to go for staff augmentation or managed services while adhering to the timelines and budgets. Let’s get into the details of both the services to evaluate what works best for you.

A Honest Look – Can AI Help Us Build Better Software Products?

The software development industry sure has changed. We used “waterfall” to build software products in a phased, sequential manner. Then the Software Development Life Cycle started becoming less relevant. From Agile and DevOps to automated testing, and mobile and cloud technology –disruption hit the software development process.

Technical Documentation

Test Driven Development

Software testing is a mechanism in which the program or an application is executed where the basic intention is to find out the discrepancies and deviations between the desired result or the outcome and the actual result or outcome.

OpenStack and NVMe-over-Fabrics – Getting High Performance for Network Connected SSDs

This article focused light on a demonstration of utilizing SPDK storage framework from Intel for generating high-performance SSD transmission of data with the OpenStack based system and NVMe over fabrics.

Getting Started with Blockchain Technology

As the name indicates, a blockchain is a chain of blocks that contain information. The blockchain is a distributed ledger that is completely open to anyone. They have an interesting property: once some data is written in the blockchain it becomes very difficult to change it. So how does that work? Well, let us take a closer look at a block. 

What DevOps Mean to QA/Test?

DevOps – as it stands for “Development” + “Operations” is a buzzword these days and everyone is trying to get some insight into it. As exciting as it may sound, many in the test department have a common question – “Where do they stand in the whole premise of DevOps?”.

Overview of vSphere Web Client Storage Plugin

This article throws light on the advantages of using vSphere web client storage plugin to deal with data center storage. Also, this article talks about the overview on development and testing of vSphere storage plugin and what are prerequisites for development


EPaaS provides solutioning in the areas of Project Execution using various methodologies like Water-fall, Agile-Scrum etc. EPaaS provides project tracking and monitoring through various tools like Microsoft Project Plan, Agile scrum board, Sprint burn downs, and Product backlogs. EPaaS can have a team of certified project manager

Decoding the Magic of Python

In the world of computers, software development has been one of the most important aspects to create applications, automate processes and make the job of the end user as easy as possible. For example, consider an ATM machine. The software installed on the ATM machine helps the user to withdraw cash from a Bank account irrespective of the

SNIA SDC 2018 – The Largest Storage Developer Conference in India

Calsoft, an ISV preferred product engineering services partner announced its participation as “SDC India Premier partner” at the Storage Developer Conference (SDC). Being a premier sponsor at SDC, Calsoft will showcase its unique capabilities in the areas of conventional Datacenter technologies and the new disruptive areas alike.