Simplifying Network Security with SASE

Simplifying Network Security with SASE: A Game-Changer for the Digital Era

A revolutionary networking and security framework called SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) has emerged to address these complexities. Introduced as a unified cloud-native architecture, SASE combines Wide Area Networking (WAN) capabilities with comprehensive security services.

Top 10 Highlights of RSA Conference 2023

Top 10 Highlights of RSA Conference 2023

The RSA Conference 2023 concluded with many insightful discussions around Cyber security. Calsoft’s representatives have compiled a list of highlights from the keynotes, panels and workshops at the conference. These highlights would help the reader understand what’s new, what needs innovation, and where the future lies, for the world of cyber security.

SD-WAN: A Game Changer for Telecom ISVs

Embracing SD-WAN can give telecom operators and service providers a clear picture of what’s happening in the telecom network.

Value of NFV for Telecom and Edge Computing

L8istSh9y Podcast and Calsoft Inc. collaborated and had a discussion on the value of NFV for Telecom and Edge Computing. The guests invited were Pavan Gupta and Kiran Divekar, Software Architects, at Calsoft Inc. the podcast was hosted by Stephen Spector (Senior Director Digital Marketing, EdgeGravity by Ericsson) & Rob Hirschfeld (CEO, RackN).

Simplifying Office 365 and Exchange Online Back up with CmsSaasLib

Office 365 suite is widely used by businesses in every domain. In fact, it is taking over its counterparts and has 135 million business users of office 365 products. But this rapid growth in cloud services platform raised a concern for businesses to have a strategy for backup and protect data in office 365 platform. A need for solution is

DPDK – Boosting The Networking Revolution

The success of server virtualization is infectious. This prompted a search for a similar technological advancement in the networking industry. There was a need to replicate the model of how server virtualization reduced the cost of running isolated applications & improved agility. NFV or Network

OpenStack Summit 2016

OpenStack Summit this year witnessed a footfall of 7500 odd participants which was an overwhelming number considering the fact that not long ago when the summit commenced for the first time; there were just 75 participants. The summit commenced with keynotes that served as food for thought ranging from….

SDN & NFV – The latest technologies around?

Today SDN & NFV are the hot technologies in the market. Both solve some kind of NW problems & bring more efficiencies in the NW. However, they…

The NW Toolkit for SDN

With the advent of programmable NW concept, the possibilities of innovation within the NW has increased manifold. However, that also brings up a challenge of revamping the…

Top Storage-Virtualization and SDN Infographics in 2015

Infographic Data Storage Timeline: Super-Size To Byte-Size This infographic aptly presents the journey of data storage ever since inception. Infographic: SDN Market Size to reach $35B by…