Open Dedupe : Dedupe Data to Cloud

Open dedupe is feature rich open source dedupe mechanism which provides support for local as well as cloud storage. And it can be very easily scaled out. Open dedupe is great fit for various data protection product, long term retention, virtualization, scale out storage’s. It also works with share point.

Evolution of OpenStack: TripleO

There has been a revolution of innovations in OpenStack ecosystem. The latest innovation is TripleO. It is also called OpenStack over OpenStack. The Red Hat OpenStack Platform director is a tool for installing and managing OpenStack environment. It is based primarily on the TripleO. TripleO is a method of deployment in which dedicated ..

Future of Networking : Software Defined Networking (SDN)

There have been a lot of innovations in the virtualization domain which has benefited compute and storage. However those benefits are constrained due to limitations in the traditional network model. It is becoming increasingly difficult task to manage infrastructure which needs rapid network provisioning and also can be a time consuming.