The technology space is a goldmine of opportunities for talent today. News of a strengthening tech market, numerous jobs, and plentiful opportunities spell good news for job seekers. However, not all tech jobs are created equal – a great employment macroenvironment does not always guarantee great opportunities for career advancement.  

The challenge that technologists often face is that their career progresses in a unidirectional manner. And, as with everything else, what’s designed to suit everybody generally suits nobody just right. Everyone ends up having to compromise on their personal dreams and aspirations just that little bit. But is that necessary? 

While some technologists might want to move along the engineer, manager, tech lead, project manager, VP trajectory, others might want a more customized career growth plan that accounts for their individual strengths and interests.  

Calsoft’s view is that career development for tech roles needs to be more holistic. It must focus on the overall career development of the individual so that the individual not only enjoys their work, but they enjoy working! Here is how we achieve this. 

No ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach 

Tech careers need to progress according to the goals and interests of the technologists. At Calsoft, while we have the usual paths of career progression where engineers move on to become team leads and then become managers, we also have career paths for people who do not want to move into the operational or people management domain. 

We focus on identifying the unique skills of our people and designing customized career development plans for them. These plans consider their existing skills and also the skills they need to acquire to progress into roles they desire.  

While doing so, if they do not want to move into managerial or operational roles, so be it. If they want to remain individual contributors and yet have thriving careers, we can make it happen. If they want to transition to roles such as technical architect, solution architect, product manager, and more, then they are supported with the right tools and information to help them thrive in this role. There are always more difficult technology problems that need solving here, and it’s these uber-technologists who get a shot at them first. 

Given the vast technology space we navigate, we have plenty of opportunities to grow according to individual choices.   

Excel and work in dynamic work domains 

Our technologists get the opportunity to work on core software engineering technologies in the space of storage, networking, cloud, virtualization, and more. These are crucial domains and hives of innovation. We have a plethora of opportunities in new-age and trending technologies in the data-center space.  

Our employees get to work with some of the biggest names in the industry and remain updated and aware of the evolutions and changing dynamics of the technology space. This helps our employees learn from the best of the best. We have always seen that this exposure helps drive well-informed career choices. 

We give our employees the flexibility to experiment and learn across these technologies and provide them with the relevant training plans and support to help them move from amateurs to experts.  

Our employees have the flexibility to work on a range of technologies, expand their technology footprint, and build software they are proud of. 

Long-term growth 

We help our technologists identify the difference between a job and a career. While our technologists focus on doing their tasks with exceptional precision, we take the onus of creating long-term growth plans based on the direction the employees want to take in their careers. 

If that’s their ambition, we systematically prime employees for leadership positions and ensure that our high-potential employees go on to be a part of our leadership pipeline. They are given the right training and learning opportunities for self-development. We make sure that every employee with potential gets the opportunities they need to achieve that potential. 

We have dedicated mentor-mentee programs to help our employees develop the right power skills to complement their technical skills so that they can move into the leadership pipeline. With dedicated experts as mentors and first-hand access to great resources, opportunities, and the right tools, the employees have the resources and the enablement they need to succeed in their careers. 

Education drives opportunities 

People have always been at the heart of Calsoft. Our organizational culture is designed for diversity, inclusion, innovation, and free-thinking. We offer an environment that combines freedom with responsibility while ensuring creativity and ingenuity get the space they need to thrive. We are a team of high-achievers and the energy of the ecosystem pulls everyone up. 

 We thus want to create more opportunities for growth for our employees not just in areas they specialize in, but also help them create new opportunities for themselves through learning. 

We are aware that our employees might want to work on new and emerging technologies, given the dynamism and evolution of this space. We want our employees to be on the path of self-improvement and we believe it to be our responsibility to act as enablers of this. As such, we have tied up with a globally reputed institution to help our employees meet their higher education goals in the technological domain. 

With greater knowledge, our employees get the flexibility to identify new opportunities. They work on technologies and projects that excite them and have fulfilling careers where work satisfaction does not come at the cost of work-life balance. Knowing what skills to improve and where you want your career to move is half the battle won and we make sure we help our employees with this. We believe that our organizational success is directly proportional to employee success. As such, we constantly strive to create an environment that is conducive to growth. We recognize that there are many ways in which a tech career can progress and that all those avenues are open to our people. 

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