Nearly for all the companies adopting ServiceNow, it integrates well with their products and their third-party applications. ServiceNow has created its position as one of the best platforms and workflow integration tools. It enables enterprises to develop custom plug-ins as well to meet their unique business requirements. Calsoft leverages its deep understanding of the ServiceNow ecosystem to fulfil the plug-in solutions requirements of enterprises.

Its ready-to-use tools and customizable plug-ins make ServiceNow one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms. Recently, as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Bill McDermott, CEO, ServiceNow, announced and launched no-charge community apps to help organizations worldwide better manage the critical emergency response workflows required during the pandemic.

ServiceNow offers a wide range of third-party integrations for its customers. Several ServiceNow integrations are improving businesses globally. It typically includes integrations around IT Management, Security Operations, HR Service Delivery, Customer Service Management, and more. Let’s take a look at the integrations best suited for companies with existing implementations.

Jira Integration

Jira has become a popular collaboration tool amongst software development teams. It facilitates developers to manage projects, issues, and workflows effortlessly. Many businesses are already using this collaboration tool. ServiceNow enables the automation of these processes through Jira integration. Teams can connect ServiceNow and Jira to communicate more efficiently between business areas, automate workflows, and track issues.

Azure Integration

Azure by Microsoft is not new to us. This cloud-based IaaS product allows users to build, deploy, and manage configured applications. Azure integration is proven to improve the overall IT operations management and event management. Azure Integration with ServiceNow makes Azure a data source, allowing the integrated platform to extract the event information.

Splunk Integration

Splunk is widely used by companies to analyze big data and identify patterns, gain metrics, and detect problems. The Kingston Release now includes a Splunk integration to further improve incident visibility and analysis. When integrated with ServiceNow, Splunk acts as an additional layer to security operations in the existing technology.

McAfee Integration

The McAfee Enterprise Security Manager is a well-known system deployed to monitor and protect systems, applications, networks, and database activities. ServiceNow offers a couple of McAfee ESM integrations: email parser and incident enrichment. Product integration of these two arms you with relevant sighting information to incidents through the ServiceNow platform, in real time.

Salesforce Integration

The ServiceNow Salesforce integration offers added visibility and connection to CSM data. This integration is bi-directional, which means companies can integrate their existing Salesforce cases, users, accounts, and opportunities with ServiceNow. Users can also import data from the ServiceNow platform into their Salesforce software.

HR Management Systems Integration

The HR Service Delivery applications of ServiceNow include a few base integrations for different management systems. Integrating your existing management system with the ServiceNow platform ensures complete automation and consolidates all HR services, including leave and employee data management.

Communication Integration

The Kingston version release of ServiceNow has an advanced option for online chat, phone, and email automation. It helps in connecting the common customer communication tools to make it easier for customer service professionals to gather information and quickly respond to customer needs. It includes ServiceNow Email Integration, Email and Calendar Integration, ServiceNow Phone Integration, and ServiceNow Chat Integration


These integrations help businesses use their existing software, workflows, and investments without having to spend more on new programs, training, and the tedious process of data transfers. Companies can import data from their current software into their ServiceNow applications and also export information to their software. ServiceNow offers full orchestration automation of all resources within the platform and outside