Every year storage startups brings lot of dynamism and churn in the entire storage industry. Some of them disappear quickly, some disappear painfully, some gets acquired and their technology goes out of their control. A lucky few survive to become important storage technology pioneers and leaders in their own right.The year 2015 has been no exception. We have witnessed some really interesting startups, merger and aquistion and closing down of some of the startups from previous years. Through this blog I am listing some of the keys stratups in the year 2015 which I feel will create a mark in the industry and at some point in time will change the face of the storage industry.

Cohesity: Converged Secondary Storage Solution

Cohesity Data Platform, an infinitely scalable converged platform that provides a full range of integrated data protection services, including storage of backup and archival data, and cloud connectivity. Data can be easily cloned for test and development, the company said. It also includes an integrated data analytics software application, or allows integration with customers’ choice of application.


Hedvig: Distributed Storage Platform

Hedvig’s Distributed Storage Platform provides a level of abstraction to let compute platforms consume storage regardless of protocol, whether it is file, block or object storage. It provides a wide range of services, including replication, disaster recovery, compression and deduplication, each with its own quality of service.


ioFabric: Flash-Optimized Software Defined Storage

ioFabric Vicinity, a flash-optimized, software-defined storage solution for multi-vendor data centers,deploys as a physical or virtual appliance to provide storage automation to unify existing storage resources, centralize storage management, simplify flash deployment, and improve storage utilization. All based on application-specific quality-of-service requirements for performance, capacity and data protection.


Infinidat: Advanced Unified Storage Solution

InfiniBox is a high-density, high-performance, low-power-consumption storage system that offers more than 750,000 IOPS performance, with more than 12 GBs per second of throughput. It does so with seven nines, or 99.99999 percent, uptime, according to the company, which translates to less than 3 seconds of planned or unplanned downtime per year.


Infinite io: Network-Based Storage Controller

Infinite io introduced its NSC-110, the world’s first network-based storage controller. The NSC-110 enables enterprises to transparently integrate cloud storage into existing applications by putting storage controller intelligence into the network.It does not require applications to be re-provisioned or storage to be virtualized with new file paths. Instead, the NSC-110 installs transparently in front of existing storage to migrate inactive data to the cloud in real-time based on business-focused policies.

I wish all these bleeding edge technology stratups all the very best and hope to see them going a long way from here.

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Anupam Bhide | Calsoft Inc.