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This podcast makes it easy to understand the functioning of Hyperautomation and its components.

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Product Development the Behavior Driven Way

Business leaders are in a tough spot to roll out products in a timely fashion with high quality or risk losing market share. Technology ever changing has simultaneously enforced a change in product development methods.

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CI-CD Evolution: Jenkins to Jenkinsfile to Jenkins X

Continuous integration and deployment is an automation process that allows changes made to get deployed and reflect instantly. Though there are many CI CD tools like Travis, Bamboo, Gitlab, this podcast will entail a deep dive into Jenkins as the tool is very popular currently.

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5G: Need, Evolution and its Functional Architecture

In the course of this podcast, Kiran explains in detail the functional architecture of 5G technology layer by layer, a revolution of 5G and its impact on the global economy, players working on 5G hardware and the role of Calsoft in this revolution.

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CFT – Customer Focused Testing

Products and software are often only alpha tested before delivery or release. The process of testing is peripheral and lacks a customer-centric approach which may reveal actual functional challenges. This podcast covers an interesting subject on Customer Focused Testing (CFT).

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