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ServiceNow Security Operations’ SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response) stack helps organizations aggregate security incident data from cloud-based sources and resolve threats based on priority using intelligent workflows & automation. Calsoft, a ServiceNow Technology Partner, delivers plugins for seamless integration of ServiceNow solutions in security operations with third-party tools and software.

Calsoft assists customers by developing ServiceNow plugins that include phishing response and remediation; automated, priority-based threat analysis & resolution; remediation of misconfigured assets; and more. The plugins also provide more visibility into your security posture along with extended functionality by adding customized approval management workflows and notifications.

The ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) identifies which compliance and misconfiguration threats are the most critical and enables rapid action using data gathered from third-party security configuration assessment scans. Our ServiceNow experts help eliminate configuration & compliance issues by integrating compliance with their IT change management process.

ServiceNow’s Security Incident Response (SIR) helps quick threat detection, analysis, containment, and recovery. It identifies and prioritizes the mitigation of critical incidents using intelligent, automated workflow & tools. Calsoft enables the integration of existing Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM) tools with ServiceNow Security Operations.

We assist our customers by developing dashboards with excellent reporting capability and metrics, which provide valuable insights for crucial decision making and threat resolution based on the ServiceNow Performance Analytics suite of operations.

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ServiceNow Integration

This podcast is about ServiceNow and its integration with 3rd party applications. It also covers the typical use cases of different integration techniques, challenges involved in integration and how to overcome them. Lastly it also describe how ServiceNow is better than other ITSM tools in the market.

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