Ease the Access of Collaboration

Leverage the Capabilities of Snowflake’s Collaboration Platform with Calsoft’s Deep Expertise in Data Engineering, AI/ML, and Analytics to unlock the intelligent insights.

Snowflake’s platform is a cloud-agnostic platform that can distribute data across geographies, or even across several cloud vendors. This enables the platform to empower organizations with a wide variety of workloads and applications on any cloud that is inclusive of data warehouse, data lakes, data pipelines, and data sharing along with business intelligence, data science, and data analytics applications.

Snowflake’s platform has a multi-cluster shared data architecture that empowers organizations to consolidate data warehouses, data marts, and data lakes into a single point that enables companies to run multiple types of analytics.

Some of the salient features of the Snowflake platform are:

Realize the true benefits

With Snowflake Platform the organizations can obtain the following benefits:

Positive business outcomes and customer advantages

Drive better CX, observe increased revenue and attain higher CSat

Ability to make better, quicker business decisions, which improves productivity and agility, increases product innovation, and provides new business insights and opportunities

Securely govern data across your organizations, partners, vendors, and customers without moving or copying the data

Lower maintenance and administrative costs, driving increased staff productivity

Low cost for storage and pay for the actual utility of the compute resource

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