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Scale Automatically with Serverless Applications

Serverless applications, also known as Function-as-a-Service, reduce the need for developers to manage infrastructures such as a server or cluster provisioning, patching, operating system maintenance, and capacity provisioning. The responsibilities of managing the infrastructure are shifted to the cloud service provider, accelerating the application development process

Calsoft enables organizations with efficient development and deployment of serverless applications, simplifying the process of code deployment, scalability, and maintenance operations, regardless of the type of server being provisioned.

Cloud enables end-to-end serverless operations and application management, providing the flexibility of consumption-based pricing or pay-as-you-go model. This model charges the user based on the unit of consumption of the function and the consumption is automatically scaled depending on the demand and need.

A hybrid data center utilizes technologies such as virtualization, cloud, and software-defined networking to deliver application workloads everywhere across physical data centers and multi-cloud environments.

Serverless technology enables hybrid data centers to optimally combine various technologies such as virtualization, cloud, and software-defined network to replace traditional on-premises data centers. This is a more cost-efficient and flexible option for users.

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Why Containerize Traditional Application

This document features the evolution, trends, benefits, and drawbacks of using Container technology and explains why we need to modernize traditional applications with the help of this technology.

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