Quality Engineering

Calsoft leverages its testing expertise and deep domain experience to implement advanced software testing techniques across a product’s life cycle, helping customers deliver high-quality products. Our testing services help product companies successfully identify defects at the outset, minimize rework, shrink testing cycles, and launch products on time and within budget.

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Storage Testing

Calsoft has extensive experience in testing NAS, SAN, Management UIs, SSD/Flash Arrays.

  • NAS testing
    • NFS compliance, functionality, performance testing
    • SMB 2/3 compliance testing
    • File system testing
    • Test and build automation framework
  • SAN Testing
    • iSCSI compliance, functionality, performance testing
    • Interoperability testing
    • Multi-path testing
    • Solution testing
    • FC/FCoE interoperability testing
    • Device driver capability testing
    • Disaster protection and solution testing
  • Management UI testing
  • SSD/Flash arrays
  • Systems/solution testing

Virtualization Testing

Calsoft’s wide range of testing services across the virtualization domain encompasses:

  • vCenter plug-in validation testing
  • VAAI automation testing
  • Device driver validation testing
  • SCVMM plug-in/connector testing
  • Compatibility and interoperability testing

Networking Testing

Calsoft’s comprehensive testing services for networking products comprise:

  • Testing bandwidth shaping products for NAS protocols
  • Testing low-level packet inspection and capturing products
  • GUI testing – manual/automated testing for switches/gateways, and device product management interface
  • Functionality testing for routing protocol implementation of ODM (Original Device Manufacturer)
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) testing


Calsoft certifies compatibility across various platforms through:

  • Drive Verification and Signing for MS Logo
  • SAN Storage Hardware Qualification for MS Logo
  • NAS Storage Hardware Qualification for MS Logo
  • Storage Certification for VMware Logo
  • VAAI/VASA Plug-in Validation for VMware Logo
  • PCI/PCIe-Host Bus Adapter and Controller Validation for MS Logo and VMware Logo

Cloud Testing

Calsoft has helped multiple ISVs launch their cloud products faster through testing services that comprise:

  • Continuous integration environment setup for OpenStack
  • Validation of migration/upgrades
  • Cloud performance testing
  • S3 API testing

Calsoft also supports business-as-usual through ongoing manual and automated testing of patches and upgrades to systems in the live environment.

Life Cycle Testing

Evaluate the reliability and durability of your product using targeted and accelerated stress conditions for each phase of the product development life cycle. Life cycle tests can help determine the reliability metrics that enable critical decision-making pertaining to product design, warranties, and other factors that impact the business bottom line.

The aim of our rigorous testing process is to ensure that our customers’ products are future-focused. It encompasses steps from collection and analysis of past failure data, defining of test objectives to developing and executing test plans, and reporting and analysis of test results.

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