Infrastructure Automation

Automation replaces manual efforts, drastically reducing time taken to deploy thousands of servers while simultaneously removing configuration errors, and enabling one to build and use test environments that are exact copies of production.

Calsoft’s Infrastructure automation expertise capacitate the following:

  • End-to-end automation: Reduction in time taken for deployment of the NFV or IT infrastructure
  • Deployment Automation: Environments powered with RHOSP, VMware VIO, vCloud Director,
  • Deployment environments: Bare metal, / virtualized or containerized
  • Framework Development: Building frameworks for orchestration of resources
  • Performance Enhancement: Performance enhancement via configuration management & implementing methodologies like NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access), SR-IOV, Huge Pages, OVS-DPDK, CPU Spinning for NUMA Optimization
  • Day-0/Day-N Operations: Day 0, Day N-enablement of Infrastructure deployment, performance configuration management features
  • GUI Automation: Development of GUI automation integrated with existing CLI automation, Uniform logging and error handling across CLI and GUI
  • VMWare vRA/vRO Automation: Automation workflows for provisioning and management integrated into existing management products
  • Automation of storage resources: Automation of volume\host\connection creation on client’s appliance
  • Database Management: Drive more value from your data, automate routine and time-consuming tasks, standardize database performance monitoring activities, and accelerate database change management, on your way to digital transformation.
  • ServiceNow: Development of ServiceNow ITSM Plugin to enable provisioning of vRA resources from the ServiceNow Platform
  • Microservices deployment for clouds: building an automation solution to deploy microservices security platform in Kubernetes cluster on public/private/hybrid clouds
  • Technologies: VMware VIO (components include ESXi, VCSA, PSC, vSAN and NSX), RHOSP, VMware vCloud Director, OpenStack
  • Tools & Programming Languages: Ansible,  Jenkins, Python, Flask, MySQL, AngularJS, Powershell, TripleO, Heat, Mistral, Chef, Puppet, ReactJS


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