Monolithic applications are rapidly being replaced by microservices architecture. Calsoft is catalyzing this process of application modernization for many organizations by helping with the transition from monoliths to microservices.

  • These microservices mostly run in containers—a single service in a single container. These services communicate with each other using REST APIs. Calsoft has a rich experience of developing such APIs and plug-ins for services and also integrating them with on-premises cloud or public cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, among others.
  • This complex model of microservices in container technology needs container orchestration, container management, and container security. Calsoft has widely implemented developments around container orchestration in a dockerized environment using Kubernetes along with messaging, monitoring clusters, framework development, and more.
  • The microservices applications demand precise communication with low latency. Developing such a complex system requires continuous integration and continuous delivery practice to release a modernized version of the applications or their updates. This calls for continuous testing of the developments. Calsoft assists customers with test automation and continuous testing, reducing the turnaround time and improving the security, scalability, and robustness of the applications.

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Calsoft offers these solutions as ready-to-use models or customized developments depending on the application needs. These solutions save cost and efforts, and reduce delivery time by enabling rapid and reliable delivery of large, complex applications. Calsoft’s API solutions make microservices well-defined and standardized, ensuring complete security.

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