Product Documentation

Value Added Documentation Services

Product documentation forms an important part of any product development life cycle. The right documentation helps in eliminating back-and-forth communication between users and product owners seeking answers to the customers’ queries. This saves both the time and cost of the product owners, adds value to the product delivery, and helps enhance customer experience and brand recall. Calsoft’s team of technical writers assists product companies in communicating their product’s functionality with clarity, quality, and accuracy.

Modernizing your apps is crucial for attaining remarkable digital transformation. Calsoft enables quick and easy application modernization in the form of refactoring, re-purposing, or consolidating legacy applications to align them more closely with current business needs.

User Guide

Our technical team supports product companies by creating detailed technical communication documents that help end customers in understanding the product features and technicalities better.

Cisco Nexus 1000V to Client VDS Migration Tool

Calsoft created a tool that would enable migration from Cisco Nexus 1000V to Client VDS. The engagement included creation of a user guide for deployment administrators.

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Installation Guide

We develop easy-to-understand and user-friendly installation guides that facilitate users with clear and precise instructions on initial installation and configurations, helping product companies save time and money on the resources involved in the installation process.

Documentation of Codes, Design & Architecture

For future reference and customization, documentation explaining product architecture, design, and codes is very helpful. We offer detailed documentation that can serve this purpose.

Solaris Porting

Calsoft ported the customer’s product from Linux to Solaris by analyzing more than 1 million lines of code. The engagement included technical documentation for the product, including configuration, compilation, steps to bring up the clusters, etc.

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Context Sensitive Help

A context sensitive help can be obtained from a specific point within the software, providing help for a situation that occurs in that state of the software. We use our expertise in creating context sensitive Help to support the end users of our customers.

Knowledge Base

Our expertise in various technologies enables us to create a knowledge base for different applications. This helps our customers in providing better knowledge on the product to their end users and help them communicate product applications and updates better.

Azure Test Drive for Container Security Product

Calsoft created the test drive for the customer’s container security product, to showcase the features and use cases of the product in the Microsoft Azure platform. Also created tutorial videos and knowledge base articles pertaining to the product.

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Training Material

Complex products require hands-on experience or training to help users leverage the product features better. We assist our customers in producing training materials in various forms such as demos, videos, articles, presentations, and more.

Key Engagements
Dashboard for Multi-Cloud Visibility & Provisioning

Calsoft was engaged with the customer to create a single application to manage resources across multiple clouds.

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