Performance Testing

Ensure Optimal Performance of Your Product

Non-functional testing is an important aspect of the software testing process. It helps in checking the performance, reliability, scalability, and usability of the software. Performance testing helps companies determine the post-delivery issues that may arise in the software. It checks how the software performs in various scenarios. Calsoft assists with end-to-end performance testing for checking the speed, responsiveness, and stability of the application under test. Along with this, we also help with creating real-like test parameters for the lab testing.

Load Testing

It determines the software performance when it is working at peak load conditions or normal conditions. Our testing experts help customers with load testing of their software applications under various load conditions.

VMware AirWatch Storage Integration

Calsoft engaged with the customer for analysis, validation, and integration of Storage appliances within the AirWatch ecosystem.

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Stress Testing

Often under heavy load conditions, software can become unsteady and may result in errors. This method of testing assesses the system on its robustness and error-handling capabilities under heavy load. Our stress testing services ensure the software runs smoothly even in extreme conditions.

Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure: Design & Validation

Calsoft helped in validating the VMware-based IaaS (Stellar) for SAP HANA workloads for high availability, manageability, and monitoring.

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Unit Testing

Unit tests help with designing and maintaining the code. They can be used to detect even the minutest deviation in a product’s functionality. We assist our customers by checking each software component for its functionality, performance, reliability, and other parameters.

Aptos Test Automation

Calsoft assisted the customer in developing test automation for Aptos product functionality that helped in enhancing the product’s quality.

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SOAK Testing

It determines the sustainability of the application under test when it is under continuous load conditions over an extended period of time. Using this method, we help our customers ascertain if the system will survive on being subjected to a very high volume of usage and outside the boundaries of its design expectations.

Testing of Wi-Fi Access Points

Calsoft engineers were involved in the QA of enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access points by leveraging manual testing methodologies along with automation frameworks through Python.

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Spike Testing

Spike testing helps in determining the application’s behavior in case of rapid and extreme load or offload conditions. We help in ensuring that the application behaves stably in such conditions.

Key Engagements
Storage Performance Testing

Calsoft helped the customer with storage performance testing and performance report for new FlashSoft Versions & latest Dell servers for Linux & Windows.

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