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Achieve higher release throughput with our end-to-end test & release management services.

Get end-to-end assistance to plan, schedule, control, test, deploy, and release the software through various stages of the development cycle and in various environments. Our testing & release management experts ensure the right technology and complete support at any given stage in the product lifecycle, considering the latest development processes such as continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Organize your test cycles better by planning, monitoring, and managing the test execution better with our test, planning, and lab management experts. We help in creating a high-level test strategy to support workflow automation and simplified data analysis.

Choose your best-fit testing techniques from our range of advanced testing methods. We have hundreds of testing experts contributing to manual as well as automation testing.

Get help in automating the process of build and release cycles using cutting-edge technologies and tools. Our SDLC experts help manage, plan, schedule, and control the software builds through the different stages of the life cycle.

Our testing experts assist companies by dealing with their product’s configuration & change control management through the entire cycle of identification, maintenance, status reporting, verification, impact analysis, documentation, and approval or rejection of change requests.

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Our innovative approaches enable us to fulfill our customers’ unique requirements and keep them ahead of their competition. See some of our best work in this domain.


CFT – Customer Focused Testing

Products and software are often only alpha tested before delivery or release. The process of testing is peripheral and lacks a customer-centric approach which may reveal actual functional challenges. This podcast covers an interesting subject on Customer Focused Testing (CFT).

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Software Defined Storage-Quality Assurance

This paper is an attempt to address these challenges by taking an in-depth look at how quality can be assured for SDS through feature testing, performance testing, system testing and regression testing.

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The modern applications are set of loosely coupled microservices running over containers hence the traditional storage solutions for these applications will be feeble.

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