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Accelerate Integration with Our Ready-to-use Kubernetes Plugins

Cloud-native technologies enable application development in container environment and deployment as microservices. Kubernetes, along with cloud native, provides efficient orchestration of the services that deliver the output securely. This requires an integration of Kubernetes with associated cloud-native technologies.

At Calsoft, we provide customized or ready-to-use integration solutions as per the requirement of the application. Our rich plugin development portfolio enables organizations with efficient and secure development & deployment of the application.

Our Kubernetes plugin development experts help with Container Network Interface (CNI) and Container Storage Interface (CSI) for ease in interoperability and better functioning. CNI facilitates network compartmentalization in cloud environments, enabling seamless networking in on-premises deployments as well.

Kubernetes has become a new standard to deploy and manage containerized applications in the cloud, but it doesn’t directly run containers. Kubernetes has its way of segmenting resources. It abstracts hardware components or machines as a node and a particular type of nodes then come together to form a cluster. Similarly, a particular type of containers together form a pod. We help manage the traffic distribution and communication between these pods and clusters and also assist in segmentation.

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