Ecosystem Integration

Our Ecosystem Integration Expertise
Our Ecosystem Integration Expertise

Organizations on the march towards Digital Transformation need to consolidate their legacy and new technology installations and processes in such a way that repetitive tasks are automated, and diverse systems and data sources are integrated. Our automation & integration services help our customers speed up their time to market, spend more time on strategizing and less on monotonous operational tasks, reduce risk of human error by automating tasks, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and gain the ability to quickly respond to changes in the market.

Plugin Development

We helps our customers develop plugins that manage storage subsystems from a single UI and perform a common set of storage provisioning and compute tasks without the need to switch between multiple management interfaces. Our plugin development expertise extends across all major hypervisor providers including VMware, Microsoft, Linux, and Citrix.

vSphere Integration Plugin for SDN Product

Calsoft helped a pure-software SDN company develop vSphere Integration Plugin.

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Our experienced DevOps consultants have created a dedicated Center of Excellence to accelerate DevOps implementations and improve the speed, quality, and security of application delivery for our customers. Our agile approach towards software development, testing, and IT operations helps our customers to quickly adapt to changes and improve overall operational performance.

DevOps for Storage

Calsoft helped a leading storage company for DevOps implementation and assisted with configurations for various technologies on Production and QA environments.

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Infrastructure Automation

Our automation services help organizations to cut down on manual efforts, drastically reducing the time taken to deploy thousands of servers while simultaneously removing configuration errors and supporting the building and use of test environments that are exact copies of production.

Storage Provisioning using Puppet

The engagement underpinned automation of volume\host\connection creation on the customer’s appliance. Future development involves volume snapshot\revert, Protection group, HostGroup support.

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Our extensive experience of SOAP and REST web services has enabled us to develop customized plugins for integrations with any third-party applications or tools. Our services cover: conceptualization of ServiceNow integration for your application or platform; development of customized ServiceNow plugins; ServiceNow certification for the developed plugins.

ServiceNow Plugin for vRealize Automation

Calsoft developed a ServiceNow plugin to enable provisioning of vRA resources from the ServiceNow Platform.

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We have assisted multiple customers from the Storage, Virtualization, and Networking domains in getting their products certified for different environments, making their products market-ready in an efficient manner. Our expertise includes certifications for ServiceNow, Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft.

VMware VAAI Block Certification for Storage Product

Calsoft carried out certification testing of the customer’s iSCSI block storage product- for its VAAI compatibility.

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Key Engagements
VMware vRO Plugin Development for Flash Array Based Storage

Calsoft is engaged with the client to develop a vRO plugin. The plugin helps in running the workflows and perform multiple operations  on storage infrastructure. The engagement underpinned:

  • Development of plugin
  • Bug fixing
  • Certification
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