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Our Strength in Numbers
The Calsoft ServiceNow CoE offers ready-to-use plugins and automation solutions to accelerate your digital business transformation journey. Here are some prominent statistics.
Fortune 500 customers from the Data Center domain
Engineering projects cutting across Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud
Years of experience working with top Networking companies
Data center experts

Our Offerings

ServiceNow Implementation

ServiceNow enables companies to deploy their requirements in ready-to-use models for better efficiency and faster time-to-market. Calsoft helps in accelerating the implementation process further so that our customers can focus on innovation and core pursuits for better business outcomes.

Integration & Automation
ServiceNow provides plugins that integrate ServiceNow with third-party applications/tools & provide functionalities such as volume management, snapshot management, VM provisioning, VM actions, and more. Calsoft helps ServiceNow partners with customized plugin development and automation.
Security Operations
Calsoft helps with a seamless integration of the cloud-based ServiceNow security platform with third-party software and tools. Falling under the SOAR stack, it collects data about security threats and automatically remediates low-level threats.
Financial Services Operations
Calsoft can help you integrate your software solutions with ServiceNow to support functionalities such as complaint management, asset management, compliance management, and back-office solutions.
ServiceNow’s PaaS offering allows customers to build custom applications through various pre-built models. Calsoft assists ServiceNow customers in the process of adopting the platform for building these applications.
Asset Discovery & Inventory Management
The ServiceNow plugin for Data Center Asset Discovery & Inventory Management can be used to monitor the health, create a request on the discovered assets, map the discovered inventory to CMDB, and do much more. Calsoft helps customers leverage this aspect of the plugin to their business benefit.
ServiceNow Certification
We assist ISVs and system integrators in getting ServiceNow certification for the plugins developed. Certification assures customers that third-party products are compatible with ServiceNow products.

Speed Up with Mozaic

Leverage our bundled, domain-agnostic, agile & intuitive solutions to take the next giant leap, irrespective of your growth stage.

For Modern-day technology start-ups & stealth modes

End-to-end services from ideation to product launch for aspiring startups across Networking & Telecom, E-commerce, FinTech, Media & Entertainment, EduTech, and other industries.


For emerging ISVs

Digital & Cloud-first strategies, business consulting, and more for up-and-coming ISVs across domains like Networking & Telecom, Storage, IT, Retail, FinTech, and others.


For mature product & platform vendors

Platform modernization, digital strategies, technology consulting, and more for matured vendors across a host of industries such as FinTech, E-commerce, Networking & Telecom, IT, and others.


For established market players

Digital Transformation Lab, platform advisory services, cloud frameworks, and much more for established entities seeking to expand their universe across domains like Networking & Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Retail, FinTech, and others.

What’s Under the Hood




Accelerator IPs

Our Success Stories

ServiceNow Plugin Development for ITSM Capabilities

Calsoft was engaged with a Fortune listed client for developing ServiceNow plugin for their platform which adds ITSM capabilities.

ServiceNow Plugin Development for Storage Vendor

Calsoft help in integrating two platforms helped to provide an UI for end user to quickly and easily place the request for the desired operation with approval workflow.

ServiceNow Plugin to Cater to Finance Workflows

Calsoft developed a ServiceNow plugin for the customer’s requirements around finance workflows.

ServiceNow Discovery Implementation

Calsoft helped the customer to track the changes occurring within the customer’s on‑premise and cloud infrastructure in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) using ServiceNow Discovery.

ServiceNow Integration for ITOM (IT Operations Management)

A requirement was to develop ServiceNow plugin for a company providing ITOM support. Data are fetched from vendor Cloud database through REST API and storing them in the ServiceNow Cloud platform in the CMDB_CI table.

Development of ServiceNow Plugin for vRealize Automation (vRA)

Calsoft was engaged with the customer for development of a ServiceNow Plugin to enable provisioning of vRA resources from the ServiceNow Platform.

Leverage our ServiceNow offerings to accelerate your digital transformation journey by automating IT operations and deploying pre-built, easy-to-deploy models. Download this brochure to dig deeper into our ServiceNow capabilities.

Download our detailed brochure.

Accelerator IPs

  • Generic Cloud Interface
  • Emulators
  • Calsoft M365 Plugin


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