SNIA SDC 2020 – Quick Recap

The first virtual edition of the recently concluded SNIA SDC 2020 was a powerful module of learning packed into two electrifying days!

Thank you for attending our virtual keynote session on “StorageNxt: Disruption, Opportunities, and Funding Insights”! It was a pleasure to have you as a part of our audience.

It was heartening to see that the insights we shared during our keynote session were widely appreciated and validated by the audience. But that doesn’t mean our thirst for learning was quenched! Here are a few important takeaways from the virtual conference that had a great line-up of speakers and curated topics:

  • SPDK can be leveraged for a high-performance containerized storage solution in Kubernetes
  • NVMe & NVMe-oF can help address performance, latency & scalability issues in Blockchain
  • Decentralized platforms have a great potential to push edge networks closer to the edge
  • SmartNICs and SmartSSDs are ripe for a data center revolution
  • Emergence of data-centric storage architectures
  • OS-level encryption can enable superior data protection
  • The Storage layer as a possible defense mechanism against malware

We’ll be publishing our keynote session video here very soon. Watch this space!

Our experts are always open to a free-wheeling discussion on everything Storage and should you be up for it, just click:

Future of Storage Through the Calsoft Lens

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, smart technologies are buzz words that we keep hearing often in the technology circles. But there’s a lot of action that goes on “under the hood” to power these innovations – which is data storage! A reliable & efficient infrastructure is important for an organization’s success and its ability to scale is key to ensure that its data provides value for the business.

In the past three years, the Storage space has witnessed a spurt in areas like all-flash & NVMe, Predictive Storage Analysis, Cloud Storage, Data Protection, IoT Analytics, and AI-driven Storage. These trends can be attributed to rise of AI & Analytics, multicloud & hybrid cloud infrastructure, DevOps, Edge Computing, and more.

A pioneer in the Storage space, Calsoft always has its finger on the pulse of the industry. We believe StorageNxt – our reading of the Storage industry for the next 3 years – will be all about All Flash, Cloud Storage, HCI, NVMe/NVMe-oF, Persistent Memory, Computational Storage. At SDC 2020, our focus will be on emerging developments that have the potential of bringing the industry to a tipping point.

SNIA SDC 2020 – What’s Lined Up in Our Keynote
StorageNxt: Disruption, Opportunities and Funding Insights

Storage technology is gradually pivoting towards an all-Flash, software-defined, AI-driven, and disruptive model to better manage the critical dimensions of data, i.e. storage, protection, and analytics. This disruption in the Storage technology has propelled organizations to achieve the next level of cost-saving, efficiency, and an environment that is predictive and supports future data growth and scalability needs.

This keynote will touch upon some important developments – in the past, present, and future:

Industry Recap

Take a look at the overall picture of the Storage industry and how it has evolved over the years; factors – internal and peripheral – that are propelling its growth; the specific segments that are witnessing growth; along with some number crunching on VC funding & sector analysis.

Industry Fast Forward

Explore the micro trends and disruptive forces that are likely to shape the industry in the immediate future and the emerging market opportunities to be seized in the next couple of years.

Birth of Disruption

Join us as we analyze how conventional Storage segments were disrupted over the years, along with the impact of the disruption, opportunity areas, and relevant use cases.

The Pandemic Effect

COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented disruption of commerce in most industries across the globe. Navigate the storage landscape with us as we analyze the impact of the pandemic on the industry.

Our Speakers

Parag Kulkarni

Chief Operating Officer, Calsoft

As the Chief Operating Officer, Parag drives the technological roadmap of Calsoft. An authority figure on Storage, Virtualization, Cloud and Database domains, with 30 years of experience, his vision guides the company’s delivery processes. Before joining Calsoft, Parag held key positions at Veritas (formerly Symantec) where he conceived the Database Edition Product for Windows and led its delivery through two product lines – Database Edition for Microsoft (R) Exchange Server and Database Edition for Microsoft (R) SQL Server. Prior to his role at Veritas, he was a key contributor to Informix Corporation’s line of database products, now acquired by IBM. Parag holds a master’s degree in computer science from IIT, Roorkee and a bachelor’s degree in industrial management from University of Indore, India.

From the Archives: SDC 2012
Download this insightful paper presented by our COO, Parag Kulkarni at SNIA SDC 2012
Vipin Shankar

VP Engineering, Calsoft

Vipin, as VP-Engineering at Calsoft, drives engineering groups from the business advancement and new technologies R&D perspective. Vipin has over two decades of experience in delivering products in multiple domains such as Storage, Network Management, Mobile Device Management, Cloud-based EDA, Disaster Recovery, to name a few. He has spearheaded engineering teams by being in the leadership position for companies like Veritas, Symantec, Motorola, Saba, SiCAD, and Globant.

Calsoft’s Storage Trajectory

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Accelerator IPs

Windows CBT

The Calsoft Changed Block Tracking (CSCBT) is a pre-tested, reusable, and ready-to-integrate solution, which keeps track of volume blocks that have changed since the last backup.


Our readymade repository of test cases helps vendors get their products to the market faster by reducing testing time & ensuring optimal test coverage.


Our data protection framework, specifically for applications exposed through Microsoft Graph APIs, offers incremental backup of user mailbox, cloud hosting, search & indexing for O365 backups, and more.


Our Generic Cloud Interface enables software solutions and variable components to provide different services that facilitate communication with cloud storage.


Our emulators perform scalability testing on large storage configurations without physical storage; simulate multiple hosts, ports, and application I/O patterns; enable software providers to create petabytes of data with minimal investment in physical storage.

Success Stories

Nagios Integration for Hyper Converged Infrastructure Vendor

Read about how Calsoft helped a hyper converged infrastructure vendor to create custom Nagios Remote Data Processor, which gives processed information as well as raw data.

Data protection of Microsoft Hyper-V platform

Know more about how Calsoft assisted the customer in developing a plugin for Windows Hyper-V using a web-based UI and provided a centralized way of configuring backup & restore policies for Hyper-V.

GUI Development and Testing for SSD/Flash drive

Calsoft assisted the customer in developing GUI and testing SSD/Flash drive that helped eliminate I/O bottleneck in virtualized environment.

Thought Leadership

== HawkEye Research ==
StorageNxt – Special Edition SDC 2020

The research article revolves around modern storage technologies such as All-Flash, software-defined, AI-driven, and disruptive models.

== Blog ==
What Does the Rise of Video in the Enterprise Mean for Data Storage?

As the use of video proliferates in the enterprise, data storage providers have to evaluate their offerings and ensure that the storage capabilities match what video data demands.

== Whitepaper ==
File Virtualization With The Direct NFS Protocol

This paper attempts to define a file-system, DirectNFS, which can use existing NAS infrastructure with evolving SAN technology to provide the benefits of high-performance storage.

== Podcast ==
IoT and Data Management

In this Podcast, Vishal discussed Common Problems in IoT Data Management, IoT Data Management: Strategies and Solutions, and the future of IoT Data Management.

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