Getting Started with Bare Metal

An exceptional amount of data generated through multiple sources in structured and unstructured formats in today’s reality. This massive data needs huge provisions in terms of storing and processing. To address the challenges thrown at them by big data, many businesses are opting for bare metal. Cloud and virtualization solutions are not enough when it comes to scaling storage and provisioning high computing power. Bare metal servers provide efficient compute resources, resulting in increased performance, scalability, cost optimization, predictability, and complete control over the underlying hardware.

This whitepaper will give you a brief about what exactly is bare metal and how it is different and better than servers and cloud technologies. Learn about the benefits of running containers on bare metal servers and the top players in the industry providing bare metal services. Also, see how Calsoft helps in maximizing the utilization of resources by assisting companies to manage their bare metal platform migration, right from development to scaling and deployment.

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