Webinar on ServiceMesh Architecture

Webinar with NASSCOM
Breaking the ice with Service Mesh

Our inaugural webinar in association with NASSCOM—“Un-meshing the Functionalities of Service Mesh”—received an encouraging response from the audience.
Our speakers, Kiran Divekar, Software Architect – Calsoft and Akhilesh Verma, Senior Principal Development Engineer – Calsoft touched upon the practical scenarios and cases around service mesh. The webinar presentation focused on the background of the service mesh, its working, security aspects, functionalities, business cases, and a demo.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Introduction to K8S and Service Mesh
  2. How Service Mesh works
  3. Security aspects
  4. Functionality: Istio, LinkerD
  5. Use cases
  6. Calsoft case studies on Service Mesh
  7. Demo
  8. QnA

Access the success stories mentioned in our webinar here:

Kiran Divekar

Software Architect at Calsoft

Kiran has 17 years of experience working on the networking domain, SDN, NFV, OpenVswitch, DPDK, VMware NSX, Cloud computing, Docker, Linux System Software, Networking and Embedded Systems. He has delivered several sessions on Kernel programming, Linux Architecture. Kiran is recognized for his understanding of Networking stack, Linux Kernel Stack and embedded systems.

Akhilesh Verma

Senior Principal Development Engineer at Calsoft

Senior Technical Lead working on the endpoint/container security, Kubernetes, docker container, service mesh. He has been working on CNI and K8S operator development. Akhilesh loves to explore new technologies in cloud/distributed computing.

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