Data Governance: Springboard for Cloud Migration

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Data Governance: Springboard for Cloud Migration

Data governance is a set of practices that enable enterprises with the tools, processes, and people to manage, maintain, integrate, and secure data efficiently. Calsoft, on March 31, 2021, hosted a webinar on Data Governance: Springboard for Cloud Migration. This webinar touched upon the practical scenarios and use cases around data governance and change management with respect to cloud migration.

Key Takeaways:

  • Post-pandemic changes and the new normal
  • Why organizational changes fail – poor data governance strategy
  • Most implemented change in the enterprise – cloud migration
  • Future of cloud migration
  • Change management in cloud migration
  • The need for a data governance strategy and its role in change management
  • Challenges with the implementation of data governance strategy
  • Best practices for a successful data governance strategy
  • Data governance for successful change management
  • Success stories
  • Q&A

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Soumya Bhattacharya

Practice Head

Soumya brings with him 26+ years of experience in the data engineering space. He is an efficient P&L, Business and Sales leader in the Digital, Edge, AI/Machine Learning, and IoT practices in product engineering.

Vikram Shibad

Data Architect

Vikram brings with him 18+ years’ experience and excellent feedback from clients. He believes in bridging the gap between traditional and modern analytics, bringing the full power of the modern data value chain to enterprises.

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