Value of NFV for Telecom and Edge Computing

L8istSh9y Podcast and Calsoft Inc. collaborated and had a discussion on the value of NFV for Telecom and Edge Computing. The guests invited were Pavan Gupta and Kiran Divekar, Software Architects, at Calsoft Inc. The podcast was hosted by Stephen Spector (Senior Director Digital Marketing, EdgeGravity by Ericsson) & Rob Hirschfeld (CEO, RackN).

The podcast relayed the overview of NFV and its importance in telecom, its usage and use cases and a detailed discussion on Edge Service Delivery.

L8istSh9y Podcast is a non-commercial series of discussions with global industry leaders in Edge, DevOps, Security, Open Source and more.


  1. NFV Overview and Importance in Telecom
  2. NFV Usage and Use Cases
  3. Edge Service Delivery
0 min 36 sec Introduction of Guests
2 min 18 sec Particular area of Industry that is exploding right now?
  • 5G, Edge Computing, NFV
3 min 03 sec NFV — Define and why it’s so important?
  • Operators need agile technology that is easy to manage
  • Data rates are dropping — What does that mean?
  • Data Service Fees are Dropping
6 min 06 sec How does NFV help reduce data?
  • Move from hardware to software to provide services
  • Are Virtual Machines required? Are Containers coming?
  • New capabilities that NFV offers
10 min 19 sec Use Case for NFV
13 min 16 sec What are you seeing in moving computation closer to the Edge?
  • Need to save Packet travel time for new solutions
  • Podcast on CDN for Edge
  • What do NFV Clouds need to do for Edge support?
18 min 21 sec How do you build and deliver apps for Edge?
  • Designing solutions to scale is critical
  • Standards matter for Open NFV
23 min 13 sec Dynamic Infrastructures for Quick Tear-Down
  • Technologies to watch for in this space
  • Who connects Service Provider to Service Provider?
28 min 51 sec Bottleneck to Delivering Edge Services
  • Datacenters closer to the customer and connecting them back to the NFV ecosystem
  • How does Calsoft help the industry and its role?
31 min 34 sec Wrap-Up

About Speakers

Kiran Divekar – Networking Architect

Kiran has 17 years of experience working on the networking domain, SDN, NFV, OpenVswitch, DPDK, VMware NSX, Cloud computing, Docker, Linux System Software, Networking and Embedded Systems. He has delivered several sessions on Kernel programming, Linux Architecture. Kiran is recognized for his understanding of Networking stack, Linux Kernel Stack and embedded systems.

Pavan Gupta – Networking Architect

Pavan has 18 years of experience in the wireless networking, wireless telecom and embedded domain. He has worked as technical lead and architect for Cisco’s Mobile Internet Technology Group (MITG). As a Product Manager, Pavan was responsible for building a cloud based WLAN controller solution for a tier-1 4G operator in India.

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