Use of Paramiko with Windows Clients

For automation to be conducted in a multi-client environment, one has to write separate code for connecting to different clients. With automation taking precedence in aspects other than regression in a build environment, it was imperative to find a middle ground between multiple clients. With Python being the most widely adopted language for automation, some modules are written for Linux clients and some are for windows clients. Paramiko (Python Module) works on SSHv2 protocol. It provides both client and server functionality and the module can be used if the SSH server is running on the target machine, that being be Linux or Windows.

This podcast talks in length about:

  • The introduction about Python Automation
  • What is paramiko?
  • Issues with python modules for Windows
  • What is freeSSHd?
  • Installation and usage of freeSSHd

About Speaker – Virendra Kumawat (Senior Principal QA Engineer)

He has close to 8 years’ experience in testing Enterprise class backup/restore applications and has been focused on the Storage Domain. He has worked on testing different NAS boxes like Hitachi NAS, IBM SONAS, Harmonic MediaGrid Server. Has also worked on different File/Block Serving protocols like CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, NDMP and FTP.

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