What is the state of the Cloud in 2022

In this infographic, we give an overview of the condition of the Cloud Industry, and take a look at the changes the past few years have caused.

It’s tempting to believe that enterprises are confused about their cloud strategies. A Flexera “State of the Cloud” report from late last year showed the following results.

70% of all organizations believed that migrating more workloads to the cloud was their “most important cloud initiative” But 59% of them also believed that the next most important initiative was “optimizing current cloud use to cut down cloud costs”. If that wasn’t contradictory enough, half the organizations in the survey believed that “advancing a cloud-first strategy” was next in priority.

So, we want to move more stuff to the cloud but we don’t want it to cost more, all while we put the cloud “first”!

Of course, the report deals with a time of extreme uncertainty and organizations have been pushed to address unprecedented challenges so some confusion is to be expected. I think the way to look at this is, the cloud is now central to all enterprise technology strategies. But so is the need to smartly design plans that are flexible, functional, and cost-effective. It’s more about how best to utilize the power of the cloud to power business outcomes. The cloud management stakes have grown.

Check out this infographic to get a clear view of the state of the industry.

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