Network Performance Enhancement Using OVS-DPDK

Network management done right yields better business performance and for that, ensuring a consistent network performance is vital. Using OVS-DPDK i.e., Open vSwitch and Data Plane Development Kit, network performance is improved by increasing IPC, cache references, decreasing cache misses, TLB misses, and context switches. This research article explains in detail the following:

  • OVS Overview & OVS Flows
  • OVS Component Architecture
  • Open vSwitch Features
  • Importance of OVS
  • DPDK Overview
  • Core Components of DPDK
  • Integrating OVS with DPDK
  • OVS-DPDK Switching Table Hierarchy
  • Performance Tuning Options with OVS-DPDK
  • Configuration of OVS-DPDK for enhancing network performance

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