NVMe: Optimizing Storage for Low Latency and High Throughput

Access to faster storage has become critical in the last few years due to growth in digital data by multiple devices. Digital innovation like machine learning, real-time analytics, IoT, the blockchain, AR, VR does not only require high bandwidth offered by the network, but also demand access to data in real time. Invention and utilization of NVMe storage protocol with NAND flash and SSD technology storage arrays not only boosted the performance at data center but also revolutionized the concept of network fabric connecting host and target. Storage market is stormed by the inclusion of NVMe and multiple vendors evaluating a best possible solution for NVMe for storage racks and complete end to end NVMe based solutions to allow access to data less than in 10 microseconds. Additionally, enterprises can still preserve existing investment in IT infrastructure after addition on NVMe technology into operation.

We crafted this eBook to glance through the NVMe technology and its current and future market. This eBook will cover.

  • What is NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics
  • How NVMe works?
  • Market Products and Solutions Vendors
  • Marker Predictions
  • NVMe transport options

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