Multicloud Adoption Redefined: A Data Storage Perspective for ISVs

Adoption of cloud by businesses has been revolutionized from hybrid to multi-cloud wherein different services can be leveraged for deploying and managing different workloads. Saving cost on cloud services and achieving agility in operations for the variety of workloads are the goals for businesses while moving to multicloud. Managing huge amounts of data, enabling data mobility and data sovereignty are the challenges ahead in the way to shift to multicloud. Businesses will surely need to evaluate the challenges before diving into multicloud.

In this ebook, we are highlighting storage perspective of multicloud implementation for businesses and technical overview on technologies. This will help CXOs and leaders in the ISV segment to strategies multicloud roadmap.

  • Multicloud basics
  • Multicloud Storage Strategy
  • Challenges of Multicloud Data Storage
  • Storage Performance Improvement Strategies
  • Data Protection in Multicloud
  • Back up in Multicloud
  • Survey and Market Statistics

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