Microservices: Software Architecture for Faster Time to Market and Advanced Delivery of Services

As part of the cloud native initiative adopted by many organizations in recent years, Microservices architecture has emerged as the de-facto mechanism for software application development. Coupled with DevOps approach and application containers, Microservices can bring more value propositions to address several concerns arisen while delivering competitive services by businesses.

Most of enterprises have already started moving application workloads at microservices level and consequently many vendors (like Amazon, CA Technologies, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, etc) have started to offer advancements in their offerings and contributing to market growth of cloud based microservices.

To highlight the potential of microservices to disrupt the competitive growth of every businesses and help understand the key technical specification, we have constructed this ebook.

In this ebook we will cover

  • Microservices Basics,
  • Features
  • Characteristics
  • Architecture
  • Business Benefits
  • Best Practices
  • Frameworks for building Microservices
  • Case Studies
  • Alignment with DevOps and Containers

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