IoT Data Management: A Definitive Guide for Enterprises and ISVs

IDC estimates 160 Zettabytes of data to be produced by 2025 over the internet, including 25% data which will be real-time critical data produced by IoT devices. This IoT data will be essentially a combination of structured and unstructured formats. The organizations hence need to prepare themselves to properly manage huge volumes of IoT data on a public cloud as well as a private data center.
Most of the stored data will possess sensitive information like healthcare stats, industrial sensor logs, vehicle GPS information, customer behavior data, etc.

We have come up with an ebook to showcase organizations the prerequisite guide focusing the IoT Data. Ebook covers

  • Big Data, AI and ML for IoT Operations
  • Challenges of IoT data management
  • Opportunities for Businesses
  • IoT Data Storage at Edge
  • Data Management Vendors and Solutions

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