Edge Computing: Bringing Intelligence Closer to the Data Source

Computing capabilities offered in versatile cloud computing are getting much advanced with Edge computing where it enables processing of data generated by growing number of ‘smart’ devices within its close proximity. This decentralized approach saves data workaround time and heavy workloads on overall infrastructure (communication network, agile servers) required by cloud i.e. offers low latency and high bandwidth to support use cases which will need high computing resources plug real time responses for critical operations. Edge computing addresses latency and computing issues for service providers and enterprises opening up various business opportunities focused towards digital technologies enablement.

Edge computing will be leveraged by telecom, enterprise, IoT specific networks (industrial IoT, smart city projects) to gather data for generating intelligence insights/analysis; introducing innovation for day to day operations and digital businesses. We will witness more of edge computing implementations in upcoming 5G communication network with its features like network slicing enabled with Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) for telecom.

The objective of this ebook is to give insightful information to business leaders and decision makers. Topics covered in the ebook are

  • What is Edge Computing
  • Types of Edge Computing
  • Challenges
  • Example
  • Benefits
  • Edge Vs Fog Computing
  • Cloudlets and MEC
  • Open Source Communities
  • Key Vendors
  • Use Cases
  • Case Studies and Examples
  • Security Considerations for Edge Computing
  • Statistics, Surveys and Predictions

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