A Deep-dive into Kubernetes for Edge

As edge computing continues to gain momentum to deal with streaming data generated by numerous IoT devices, there are several challenges that have shown-up associated with remote management of software deployment and updates; latency, pre-processing of data, orchestration of different workloads and end-to-end orchestration of computing resources. Kubernetes has emerged as a perfect solution to service providers and enterprises who want to or have deployed edge nodes. It brings cloud native approach to edge use cases along with large feature sets for public cloud, private cloud, and core datacenters.

This ebrief focuses on current scenarios of adoption of Kubernetes for edge use cases, current Kubernetes + edge case studies, deployment approaches, and open source and commercial solutions.

This is the second edition of eBrief series on “Kubernetes for Edge”.

In the last ebrief, we discussed about why we need Kubernetes at the edge of telecom network, possible architectures of deploying Kubernetes and different open source projects and Kubernetes flavors to address the variable needs of edge nodes. In this ebrief, we will focus on more deployment options, challenges that are specific to use cases, considerations while deployment, and realistic to architecture of either telecom network or private enterprises.

  • Introduction
  • 5G for telecom & Enterprise – Kubernetes Involvement
  • Deployment options
  • New open source projects in Kubernetes for edge zone
  • Conclusion

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