5G Architecture: Convergence of NFV & SDN Networking Technologies

5G network is being fuelled with a disruption of virtualization technologies in traditional telecom network infrastructure; connecting multiple different systems altogether to have the fastest network for innovative digital use cases. (IoT, AR, VR, Connected Cars, Smart City, etc). Majority of businesses and enterprises are undergoing transformation to enable a new digital ecosystem, which will be created with 5G. This wave will transition most of data center and network infrastructure to affect overall communication and business models.

5G enables several opportunities for technology businesses. Many of those have already started evolving their offerings and innovating to empower IT infrastructure and software required for 5G.

This ebook will take any technology leader through core IT technology and software landscape required to build core infrastructure of 5G network. It covers

  • What is 5G, Requirements, Use Cases
  • 5G Architecture and Different Ecosystem Layers
  • NFV and SDN Technologies Powering 5G & Benefits
  • Current and Future 5G Adoption (2019)
  • Key Solution and Service Providers (2019)
  • Recent News, Launches and Partnerships
  • Open Source Project Behind 5G Core Architecture

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