Application Containers 2018 – Market Statistics, Predictions and Trends

Containers are next generation technology preceded with virtualization. Containerization enabled admins to achieve isolated environment & reliability for application by using virtualization concept at operating system level. Earlier, containers was exists in form of LXC (LinuxX Containers), but after arrival of an open source community driven Docker, containerization started getting prominence and now containers become a key technology driver for empowering digital transformation. With growing popularity of containerization, top IT technology giants started offering solutions around containers, also multiple companies established with containerization offering as their offering.

In this ebook, we will talk about how containers are moving forward and what we can expect in 2018 and onwards. We have covered,

  • Key Vendors offering Container based solutions or products
  • Current market statistics of companies involved in container ecosystem
  • Key factors disclosed in surveys
  • Future predictions by leading research firms
  • Container trends in 2018
  • Prominent use cases of containerization
  • Key partnerships, product launches by vendors

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Current Opportunities