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Leverage our 7-in-1 Intelligent Data Protection Framework to fast-track your revenue in just a month and stay ahead of the competition!

Your customers are rapidly transitioning to Microsoft 365 for their communication needs. Is your data backup solution ready to keep pace with the increasing demand? Calsoft’s 7-in-1 Intelligent Data Protection Framework for M365 takes full responsibility of keeping your customers’ data protected even during catastrophic failures of the M365 infrastructure. Multiple versions of a file can be retained while maintaining folder hierarchy; backups & restores can be scheduled daily with point-in-time recovery; data can be replicated to multiple storages, so your customers never lose the data, and can do much more with it!

Calsoft’s 7-in-1 Intelligent Data Protection Framework for M365

Key Features

  • Supports most M365 products: Support for Outlook, OneDrive, Azure AD, SharePoint, Teams, Calendar, Contacts & OneNote.
  • Supports most M365 products: Our off-the-shelf backup & recovery plugin for M365 is lightweight and easy to integrate, deploy, and use.
  • Parallel backup of M365 resources: Our M365 plugin takes a complete backup of your customers’ data for all major M365 applications.
  • Endpoint backups: Get full & incremental backup with granular level recovery for a majority of endpoints.
  • Hassle-free data management: Our M365 plugin helps avoid duplication of mails & events.
  • Efficient search: Enjoy the benefits of a speedy search mechanism facilitated by Elastic Search.
  • Network resilient: With our M365 plugin, high availability is assured even during fluctuating network bandwidth or outages.

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