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Kubernetes is widely adopted tool in the journey of Digital Transformation regardless of industry verticals. Would you be joining hands with our experts to achieve your goals.
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The prodigies of the Kubernetes platform for container orchestration are not unknown now, especially after the rapid adoption of container technology throughout enterprises, technology vendors and telecom sector.

Calsoft’s proven expertise in the container engineering space helps overcome all types of security, storage, and networking challenges faced while deploying Kubernetes. Switching to the microservices architecture and handling the associated complexities requires expert support with demonstrated use cases. Kubernetes uses associated cloud-native technologies to provide complete, orchestrated services.

Calsoft helps in roadmap to achieve your goals with Kubernetes by

  • Strategizing & architecting Kubernetes implementation in IT infrastructure
  • Custom integration for storage and networking with CSI and CNI plugin frameworks
  • Integrate various Kubernetes distributions to ease cluster operations
  • Securing the Kubernetes Cluster

Our Services

Assessment: We help in assessing the current infrastructure workflows and workloads for Kubernetes ready. We help further to point out areas that need to overcome before successful production-grade kubernetes implementation.

PoC Development: We develop PoC for Kubernetes deployment that fits customer infrastructure and help in training operators.

Application Modernization: We help in creating strategy and implementation to move current workloads to containerized and microservices architecture that uses Kubernetes as orchestrator engine.

Fine-tune Operations and Deployment: We help in identifying steps to ensure smooth cluster operations, container deployment in small to large scale kubernetes instances.

We help in development of communication interfaces between internal and external storage and networking modules in the application. This includes CNI and CSI plug-ins for easy interoperability, and traffic and cluster management.

  • Container Networking Interface (CNI) plugin development, Project Calico to implement container networking
  • Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin development, use of Velero for data protection and management.

Kubernetes is often confused as a container security tool, but it is a container orchestration tool. For Kubernetes security, we need to integrate other tools to secure the containers, servers, and detect any malicious activities and attacks.

We help customers in

  1. Kubernetes CIS Benchmarking for Cluster Security
  2. Pod Security Policies Implementation
  3. Node Security
  4. Best Practices

We help our customers in

  • Write custom resource (CRD or Aggregated API) to extend Kubernetes API in cluster
  • Write customer operators for custom resources (CRDs) that help in managing applications and its components.

We help customers in integrating the Kubernetes distributions in their IT architectures and solutions. Our deep engineering expertise helps customers to achieve their milestones.

Kubernetes distributions are as below

  • K3S
  • KubEdge
  • Kubelr
  • KubeFlow
  • MicroK8S
  • Enables Cloud Native Storage – Ceph, Rook, etc
  • Data Managements: DR and Backup – CSI, Valero
  • Cloud Attached Storage OpenEBS
  • Container Networking Interfaces (CNI)
  • Telecom workloads orchestration
  • Kubernetes for Edge Applications
  • GPU support for AI analysis at edge
  • Deep Learning Algorithms
  • AI/ML workloads orchestration

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