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Over the past few years, we’re witnessing an increase in data at an explosive speed. In fact, experts have pointed out that in the current year alone, every person will generate 1.7 megabytes in just a second! But all of this data might not be relevant and may contain a lot of redundancies. Data de-duplication is an effective way to get rid of such redundant data. A de-duplication system identifies and eliminates duplicate blocks of data and hence significantly reduces physical storage requirements.

Commonly referred to as Single-Instance Storage (SIS), file-level data de-duplication compares a file to be backed up or archived with those already stored by checking its attributes against an index. If the file is unique, it is stored and the index is updated; if not, only a pointer to an existing file is stored. The result is, only one instance of a file is saved and subsequent copies are replaced with a “stub” that points to the original file.

This type of deduplication offerings has the following benefits:

  • Saves the entire file a second time
  • Indexes are significantly smaller, which takes less computational time when duplicates are being determined
  • Backup performance is less affected by the deduplication process
  • Requires less processing power due to the smaller index and reduced number of comparisons
  • Store unique files and pointers to existing unique files; so there is less data to reassemble
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Our expertise in new-age technologies and innovative approaches enable us to deliver extensive deduplication solutions to our customers. See some of our best work here.


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